Angelina Musik on NBC's SA Living Morning Show

Shelly Miles interviews Angelina Musik on NBC's San Antonio Living Show to educate mom entrepreneurs or momtrepreneurs! 

Angelina Musik on San Antonio Living Show. Teaching  viewers about how to start a business.SHELLY MILES: Welcome back to San Antonio Living.  If you're a mom and you're at home and you're looking for some extra income we've got just the person to sort of give you that push to get you ready to take that next step into your life. Angelina Musik is joining us this morning. She is the 'momtrepreneur'. She's the woman who started it all. 

ANGELINA MUSIK: MOMtrepreneurs is women who are tripping on manure on the road to success!

SHELLY MILES: is a great website that gives all sorts of great tips and ideas about really what we can do with the rest of our lives.

ANGELINA MUSIK: Well, as a mom we're overwhelmed with a lot of things that we have going on all the time and so the area of focus and follow through sometimes is hard because we have all these distractions. It's called kids and sometimes husbands and sometimes pets. So the focus of MOMtrepreneurs is to help women decide, start and succeed in business and build their belief systems.

SHELLY MILES: I bet you are seeing a lot of moms who are taking advantage of your services, because a lot of moms are stuck at home. They want to stay with their kids but they need a little extra income and you're someone who can help them learn how to do that, to push them in the right direction.

ANGELINA MUSIK: Yes. You know, starting a business is not just something fun it can be profitable so identifying what it is you like to do in the season that you're in and in your life with your kids, depending what age.  You might change your business two or three times depending with age they are.  This summer we have some great businesses that you can start up and extend it through the fall for back to school and holiday cash.

SHELLY MILES: And you brought a couple of ideas this morning. Some ideas that moms can really get started on now and start their own businesses.  What are some good ones to start with?

ANGELINA MUSIK: If you really enjoy being around kids add two or three more to maybe your two or three that you have at home.  Having a registered home childcare is profitable and low stress if it's done properly. When you get licensed through the Department of Human Services here in Texas you also get on the food program which reimburses you at a profit for the food that you feed the

SHELLY MILES: So a home daycare center. So why not add a couple more kids and this is something you can do in your backyard. I've got a girlfriend who stays at home with her daughter she's been looking for a job for a couple of years and that's a perfect opportunity for her.  What do you have to do to get licensed in something like that?

Angelina Musik on San Antonio Living Show. Teaching  viewers about how to start a business.ANGELINA MUSIK:  Well, you take a class to get registered through the state. Get your first aid and CPR class. Someone comes out to inspect your home to be sure that it is safe. So there are those guidelines. What I encourage most is if you are watching kids only watch a few of them and have a car you can fit them into so you get them away from the house. It's good for you emotionally and it's great for them physically. Don't just stay in the house with kids. Get out!

SHELLY MILES: What about moms that have a particular skill or they do jewelry making. Or things like that? Is that something that they can market themselves with?

ANGELINA MUSIK: Oh definitely! Having artistic business I have one long she has a fetish for shoes so what she's done is taken black and white pictures of name-brand shoes and then added colors. So she calls it shoe therapy.  

Is there not enough jewelry out there? Well, you can still make your own jewelry because it has your personality, your thumbprint. So jewelry will always be popular. 

Also, you're an expert at something that you're doing write about it write a story write your biography.  Put it on an audio CD first because it's less expensive, less risk and easier to market than books in print, and you're not stuck with huge inventory.  If you want to do that the book print route that's great you can do this in bits and pieces around your kids so that you have a hobby, you have an outlet that is yours and also make money.

And crocheting has really gotten back into the trend over the last few years. I'm wearing a scarf by a MOMtrepreneur. This actual a hat for chemotherapy patients and it's made with the soft yarn that doesn't irritate your scalp.

When you look at Texas, where we're getting hot right now with the weather, consider having your 
products online where you can sell them in other countries where it's cold now. It's not just about what's going on here but beyond.

SHELLY MILES: What about starting a business in a recession? is that a good idea? Are there a couple of tips you can offer our moms watching?

ANGELINA MUSIK: Oh, don't do it alone.  You know, there's the Lone Ranger concept. Remember, the Lone Ranger had Tonto so he wasn't alone.  You can't do everything all the time so having a great support team like your friends and family.  Go to the SBA, go to the UTSA Economic Development Center.  

Surround yourself with the team so you can delegate some pieces out and collaborate.  You can create a bridal package or mother and daughter package, and get with the salon, photographer and a boutique. Collaborate with others so you share the expense, share the work and also share the benefits.

SHELLY MILES: Good idea. You also say maintain your price point and add more value to your products also income diversification and memorable new client meetings.

ANGELINA MUSIK: One of those. Well, right now people are cutting back on eating out as much as before.  So they'll do a brunch, so their breakfast and lunch, and they'll do what I call a linner which is between lunch and dinner.

SHELLY MILES: I love linner.

ANGELINA MUSIK: If you want to make an impression with a new client have them over at your office
and put a few things together, a gourmet spread. Pick them up at the store and bring them over, event ask them you 'how about you bring this and I bring that'. It's a great icebreaker and you connect with it on a different level than just business but you are still talking business over that meal.

SHELLY MILES: Okay, words of encouragement for our viewers at home who want to do what what we've been talking about. Getting out on their own starting something new what would you tell them.

ANGELINA MUSIK: Don't do it alone. That's the number one reason why people fail their businesses. They do it on their own. Also, for women especially, because we are such multi-taskers, focus and following through.

SHELLY MILES: Okay words of advice from a woman who knows.

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