Angelina Musik on NBC's iVillage TV Show .

Angelina Musik on NBC iVillage with Stefani Schaefer for  viewers about MOMtrepreneurs.

Host of iVillage, Stefani Schaefer, interviews Angelina Musik about MOMtrepreneurs and how moms are more empowered financially nowadays while raising kids. Tips for the  viewers.

STEFANI SCHAEFER: Working moms are constantly struggle with balancing work and motherhood but you can have it all and on your terms.  Our next guests have done just that.  Angelina Musik is the founder of MOMtrepreneurs. Thank you. It's such an important topic. I know your children are 17 and 19 years old. 

I know years ago you mothers had pretty much two options: you could work or you could be home and that was it. So these now organizations are really inspiring and empowering more importantly women. 

ANGELINA MUSIK: It's very encouraging nowadays as we have these resources whereas 20 years ago women would ask these questions and feel stuck. So, we're definitely in a place for empowerment and funding and resources to make it a reality not just a dream for a woman.

NBC's iVillage Stefani Schaefer interviews Angelina Musik for .STEFANI SCHAEFER: What are some of the best home-based businesses or companies that women can start in your eyes?

ANGELINA MUSIK: The two easiest I would recommend, if you're already home with your kids, add a few more on and have a registered home childcare. Or create gift baskets, which then you can include your kids in the process. So your parenting and running your business, and both you and your children can benefit.NBC's iVillage Stefani Schaefer interviews Angelina Musik for .

STEFANI SCHAEFER: Angelina, you are launching a magazine which is really a support system for women. What's your
message to all the moms out there, of all ages there, 30s, 40s, 50s, it's their time?

ANGELINA MUSIK:  The MOMtrepreneurs magazine helps women that have the husband support system, but it also helps a lot of single women and women going through difficult situations.  We have on the MOMtrepreneurs website a free online training program so women can decide on their passion and their product and their business they want to create.  So, it's not just a resource to women, we're also funding the women through the magazine.

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