Angelina Musik Reviews

Deborah Schueneman, SBDCNet Director - U.S. Small Business Administration
"Angelina is the first woman awarded twice by the U.S. Small Business Administration on both the local level and Southwest U.S. District level. We nominated Angelina as the U.S. SBA Woman in Business Champion of the Year because of her perseverance and dedication to make a difference in helping entrepreneurs better succeed."


Graham Kerr - the Galloping Gourmet TV Personality, famous chef
"I love what Angelina is creating in Wellness by Choice her wholesome approach to change the health and lives of people through it." (Author of Growing at the Speed of Life, a Kitchen Garden book, A Flash of Silver, Mount Vernon, WA)
Angelina Musik Review by Dr. Mario Diana

Mario Diana MD FACS (retired)
"I have had the pleasure to work with Angelina and her husband Daniel on multiple projects. I have always found them to be creative and out-of-the-box, but particularly honest and with a high degree of integrity. I would wholeheartedly recommend Angelina as a leader and creative motivator of the uppermost rank!" (Retired MD, Author of Out of Time, his first book of his Synchrony series, since 2001, Plano, Texas)

Angelina Musik Reviews
Adam Schaffner, M.D., F.A.C.S."I’ve come to experience how Angelina is a highly motivated and organized individual who works very hard to help her clients succeed.  She is dedicated to helping people prevent problems as well as helping people solve challenging problems.  She works with the best people to offer the best possible solutions. She is a pleasure to work with and someone I can trust with my best interest in mind." (, - Since 2012 - Beautiful Intelligence Project, Manhattan, New York)

Angelina Musik Reviews
Adam Rubinstein, M.D., F.A.C.S. "I participated in Angelina's Beautiful intelligence project in 2012 that works with practitioners, contributing a portion of the proceeds to a pro-bono surgery fund. Being in the business of beauty and making people feel better about themselves and is rewarding, being a part of something like this is even more so. It's both intelligent, and one of the most beautiful gestures one can do for another." (, Since 2012 - Beautiful Intelligence Project, Miami, Florida)

Angelina Musik ReviewsJames H. Jordan Jr, O.D. FOA (retired)
"I met Angelina at the 2006 Orthokeratology Conference as she was filming the Ortho documentary for our Orthokeratolgoy Association to help us with public awareness. I then flew from Colorado to Texas to film an Orthok video for my practice and learned from Angelina how she took Dr. White’s new practice and made it amazingly profitable within 6 months solely focusing on Orthok and not other Optician services." (Optometrist/Ortho-Keratologist,, Arvada, Colorado, Since 2006)

Angelina Musik ReviewsNitesh C. Barot Bsc Hons, MCOptom FBDO FOAA Ph.D (retired)
“I’ve been working with Angelina and Daniel to improve my integrative vision and optician practice. I’m located in Leicester, United Kingdgom. Angelina makes sure that new patient consults knocked on my door. I recommend her highly for her expertise. She will teach you what does and doesn’t work to attract new patients.” (Optometrist/Ortho-Keratologist -, United Kingdom, Since 2007)

Angelina Musik ReviewsArthur Marlin, M.D., Pediatric Neurosurgeon (retired)
"Our Pediatric Neurosurgery website was created by Daniel and Angelina who were accessible. It was visually comforting, easy for parents to navigate through, and us to manage. As doctors who will be performing surgeries on the heads of their children it is very important that we pre-build trust prior to their visit with us." (Retired. Professor, College of Medicine Neurosurgery, University of South FLSt. Petersburg, Florida Since 2002) 

Angelina Musik ReviewsSoma Peterson, RN, B.S.N., CCST
"My experience of Angelina has been lovely and unexpected! She started mentoring me and my new Sacralcranial Therapy practice in 2015 by building my online reputation, website, social media and connecting me with others to collaborate with. Her commitment to assist people with their professional goals is unique and rare. She's entertaining, warm, approachable and fun to work with. Exudes creativity and has genuine concern for the person who begins the journey of starting a business. Thank you Angelina!” (, Since 2015, Hood River, OR)

Angelina Musik ReviewsFrans Bosman, Master Pipe Organ Builder, Certified Sound Therapist
"Before I met Angelina, my practice as a Sound Therapist and business as an Organ Pipe Restoration Expert was struggling. I did not expect her personal coaching and skills as an expert in her niche to be as effective as it turned out to be. Soon, my friends and family noticed a refreshing shift in my demeanor and my business started to grow. In Angelina, I found a safe place to share anything without the slightest hint of judgment or fear. I'm grateful that I wasn’t left alone to navigate this journey in life and business. ” (, Since 2015, Mosier, OR)


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